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PA66 polishing sheet production line nylon polishing sheet making machine

Qingdao Tent Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing plastic extrusion equipment production line. Trent machinery has standardized equipment production line. It is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, development and sales.  

The company has always been based on good faith to serve customers at home and abroad.

PA66 polishing sheet polishing sheet material production line is mainly used for polishing metal materials. Trent machinery is a new product developed in combination with the process of traditional silk spraying carpet equipment.

Features: safe, uniform grinding force, uniform processing results, wear resistance, strong water resistance, strong plasticity and good softness. It is suitable for abrasives of various shapes. Dirt will not block the fine cracks on the grinding surface and increase the surface adhesion of the abrasives; Control cutting and will not damage the surface of the abrasive; No rust, no falling off, low grinding sound, less dust, etc. Black diamond has better grinding effect than general angle grinding plate and shutter wheel.

Scope of application: remove the general coating and polish the surface. It can be used on the surface of stainless steel, low carbon steel, aluminum, plastic, cement, wood and stone. It is applicable to automobile manufacturing and repair industry, construction industry, chemical light industry, shipbuilding and repair industry, machinery manufacturing industry, furniture manufacturing, decoration industry, municipal engineering and self repair industry.