Plastic sheet equipment
Pipeline anti-corrosion heat shrinkable belt equipment 3PE pipeline interface hot melt belt equipment

Qingdao Tent Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing plastic extrusion equipment production line. Trent machinery has standardized equipment production line. It is a professional plastic machinery manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, development and sales.  

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It is mainly used for pipeline weld joint repair anti-corrosion of 2PE, 3PE, FBE, PP and CTE anti-corrosion coatings and anti-corrosion of elbow area.


1、 Product features

Bonding performance. Good environmental stress resistance.

High mechanical strength and strong anti-aging ability. Damage and UV resistance.

3.1 scope of application

3.1.1 parts with surface temperature higher than 50 ℃.

3.1.2 parts that need to reduce the temperature drop of medium or delay the solidification of medium in process production.

3.1.3 for the equipment, pipes and accessories that do not need thermal insulation in the production process, the external surface temperature exceeds 60 ℃ and needs frequent operation and maintenance, and other measures cannot be taken to prevent the parts caused by.

3.2 equipment, pipelines and their accessories with the following conditions are not subject to this standard

3.2.1 parts that are not suitable or do not need thermal insulation in process production.

3.2.2 temporary facilities during construction.

3.2.3 various thermal instrument systems.

3.3 performance requirements of thermal insulation materials and their products