Carpet mattress equipment
S type hollow floor mat production line

PVC plastic anti-skid drainage mat making machine
Kitchen/bathroom/swimming pool floor mat production line

The S-shaped hollow floor mat production equipmentis mainly used for producing s shape mat. The equipment includes: extruder, mold,molding water tank, dryer, glue spraying device, traction machine, drying oven, winding machine, etc.

Application: S-type anti-skid floor mat is suitable for company, hotel, shop, hall, passageway, kitchen, working area, changing room, shower room, public building; factory workshop, warehouse, exhibition channel, cutting floor, hotel lobby entrance, toilet passage, railway station, airport, bus station, overpass, playground, seafood pool, swimming pool, public field And so on. Supermarkets, banks, airports, office buildings, clubs, gymnasiums, stations and other places with large traffic flow etc.

Advantages: anti trampling, wear and dirt resistance, mildew and oil resistance, UV resistance,scraping mud and sand, hydrophobic and antiskid. It is convenient for water circulation and sediment cleaning. Moisture and sand particles fall under the mat, which is easy to clean and can be washed by water. It has the advantages of soft texture, bright colors, comfort and durability.

Material features: high density, high purity and long service life; easy to clean by scraping mud and sand. The mat surface is flat, convenient for the trolley to pass through. Wear resistant, long life, suitable for high flow places.

1. Good elasticity, good bonding and good service life.
2. Using good raw materials and additives, not easy to aging and fading.

It has many advantages, such as good elasticity, strong ability to scrape, absorb and store sand, easy to clean, and can be washed with water.