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Air fiber mattress/POE mattress machine

The raw materials of polymer mattress are PE (polyethylene), EVA, POE and other raw materials, extruder extrusion molding, with non-toxic, tasteless, transparency and other advantages, is a very good softness and tenacity of the mattress.Have a memory mattress, latex mattress does not have the advantage: can be washed repeatedly with water.Never develop mites.Extremely breathable.Reasonable human body support strength and hardness, use no noise, not easy to deformation

Polymer spinneret mattress Features:
1. Good air permeability and impact resistance
The air permeability of the mattress is affecting the sleep health and comfort to a large extent, so the air permeability function is very important.The waste that the metabolism produces in the person morpheus, steam can pass skin ceaselessly eduction, if mattess is airtight, these waste cannot send out in time, it is very adverse to the health of the person.Additional, air permeability is good mattess still can reduce the person to turn over in morpheus times, lengthen deepness morpheus time, raise morpheus quality.
2. The most reasonable supporting strength and hardness for human body
According to statistics, nearly half of people think that the current bed can no longer meet the requirements of health and comfort.The quality of mattess decided comfort directly, high flexibility mattess inner core to improve sleep quality, promote sleep health has the advantage that other mattess cannot compare.The ideal state of human spine is the natural S-shaped, low quality mattress can make the spine curved, the pressure of intervertebral disc can not be relaxed and alleviate, cause a person to turn over many times in sleep, and high elastic mattress inner core can give a person perfect "skin-friendly" experience, let you fall in love with a lie down immediately have been protected and contain the good feeling.
3. Mildew proof, bacteria proof, mite proof, easy to clean
At present, the mattresses used by the inpatient departments of major hospitals are mostly made of straw woven MATS, and a few hospitals use sponge MATS. Both of these two materials do not have the function of breathability, and the mattresses are easy to become mouldy and deteriorate after long-term use.Especially for the patients who can't take care of themselves, the bed sheet mattress is particularly easy to get dirty. This mattress can achieve the effects of easy cleaning, rapid air drying, odor removal and so on, and reduce the workload of escort staff.
4. The product is noiseless, durable and not easy to be deformed
At present, the most difficult to clean sports equipment used in schools are gymnastics MATS and high jump MATS.Because of the use of the site, usually inside and outside the pad is dust, not easy to remove.Students inhale large amounts of dust in addition to their use.Use this mattress as a substitute product, easy to clean, and not easy to deformation.
Product introduction
Hollow mattresses on the basis of principle of human body engineering design, the use of green polymer material manufacturing, EVA polymer materials silk blend form 3 d mesh structure, adopt non-contact way of winding and trawl support, can at the same time, the surface of the formation of strong and durable and flexible internal mesh structure, have the effect of balanced keep body, fully comply with the human body, and for you to create natural, comfortable, healthy quality sleep and the first-class seat is comfortable.
Product advantages
High air permeability, water vapor and heat do not stay, refreshing and pleasant
Convenient for cleaning and disinfection, quick air drying
High quality environmental protection materials, sanitary self - cleaning, close to health
The mat surface is not heavy, durable and economical
Quiet design, green environmental protection, energy saving, cost-effective
Products application
With its unique functional advantages and excellent quality, hollow mattress is widely used in a variety of products that require breathable, clean, durable and environmental friendly materials, such as: hospital care mattress, household mattress, dormitory mattress, high-speed rail seats, wheelchair MATS, baby MATS, outdoor cushions, pet MATS, etc.

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